Tuesday, August 4, 2009

He noticed me.

My whole adolescent life I dealt with wanting men to notice me.  I wasn't really a great flirt, but in my mind I had my own way of flirting...  I considered it a good day if I got a man to 'look' my way.  I just wanted to be noticed, to be set apart, to be different and the more I was able to catch a man's eye, the more I felt all those things.  Praise be to God that I don't get my fulfillment out of men anymore.  I mean, sometimes it will rear it's ugly head, but I know how to combat it now.  
It's taken me a good 33 years to realize that the one who is truly romancing me, notices me.  Boy, does He ever.  He notices not only the Big, Huge things, but the smaller, less trivial things.  I put forth a very small desire before the Lord over a year ago and honestly never thought He would grant me that.  Well, let me tell you, He is so wild about me that he remembered my tiny plea.  He is answering my prayer because He cares and He notices me.  Everything about me.  The hairs on my head.  My likes/dislikes.  My quirks.  My bad habits.  I cannot tell you how good this feels to me.  If I would have only caught on earlier in life...  God is the most romantic being that I have ever or ever will encounter.  
Let Him romance you today!  Love love love you!


  1. Beautiful Taryn, you are so right on! God is ALL ABOUT YOU! I just want to thank you for being the continuous inspiration that you are to me and allowing God to use you so! Your testimony is so powerful and I know that God is going to use it to heal many that are hurting! You can't know just how much God has used you in my life already. He truly is the greatest romantic!

  2. So true, so true...and I never noticed this more than when HE was all I had. I have amazing story of a time when Jesus romanced me enough to send me roses...:) Thanks for sharing your insights, they echo mine in so, so many ways.