Sunday, August 1, 2010


MAN!  It's been a long time since I have been on here.  For my own sake, I need to write more.  I guess it's like anything else... seasons.  One thing that never changes though, is how God loves me so!  I sure am glad that He doesn't love me in 'seasons'!
Over the past few months I have been in numerous conversations with various women where the topic is men... Go figure. "When is the Lord going to bring me a husband?", "Is this guy the right one for me?",  "Why doesn't God answer my prayers?", "I am tired of being lonely."
ALL legitimate questions and statements that I have echoed with. But, it has been just recently that God keeps reminding me that what I yearn for and seek is right in front of my face.  My maker is my husband. If you aren't a believer, that may sound weird to you, but, hear me out.
A good husband, on his best day, still isn't perfect. Yet, we desire and sometimes expect him to be. He should be meeting our emotional, physical, mental needs, right? NO!!!
 The problem doesn't lie within him, it lies within us. We are looking to the wrong source for our needs to be met. God is more than able to give us everything we need when we need it.
Check out these 3 different situations that I found myself in...
1. about 3 weeks ago, I tried to cut my finger off with some hedge trimmers. Called a very close male friend of mine (Godly man who would give his right arm to me) and he hooked me up with a hand specialist, a no-wait ER visit, and got my stitches out for free.  He even held my hand when the doc gave me the numbing shot.
2. I was out on my (awesome ) scooter, and I ran out of gas. No joke, I didn't wait 2 minutes and 3 different men stopped to help me.  (once again, all Godly men), two went to get me gas, and one stayed with me and allowed me to stay in his car due to the heat! I was gassed up and ready to ride within 20 minutes!
3. Was out on my road bike and blew a tire.  Had no phone, and was 4 miles out from my car. I only had 15 minutes to get back in time to pick up Taytum... AHHHHH!  (i know, never go without my phone)  Anyway, a nice gentleman (complete stranger) took me back to my car.

All of these things are things that my 'husband' should have helped me do, but, since I don't have an earthly husband anymore, I have learned to rely on my one true love. The one who told me that He would never leave or forsake me. The one who says I'm more precious than silver or gold, the one who adores me.  The one who truly wipes away all my tears and who will NEVER abandon me or chose someone else over me.
How sweet is He?  It's nice to be loved.  Whether you are married or not, I pray that you allow God to romance you this week!